| | SSF2 Cancelled, Site Closing Down (April Fools!)
Apr 1st, 2009 by . Posted In April Fools, Legacy Blog Posts


The subject says it all. Nintendo finally decided to take action and sent me a cease and desist order requiring me to remove all Super Smash Bros. related content from the site by tomorrow. If I don’t, I’ll face a fine of $1,000,000 US Dollars… Now that I have nothing to keep the site going I’m going to be closing down for good in a few days.

I certainly hope you enjoyed your time here and I’m sorry it all had to end so suddenly. If you want to help fight to get SSF2 back you can go to Nintendo’s complaint forum: http://forums.nintendo.com/complaints


I’m sure you would’ve found that out by now if you clicked the link. Hope you got a good laugh and I didn’t scare you too much! 😉

Anyway, SSF2 Production is fine. v0.5 production is slow and steady, though it will take at least another month to complete since the school year is approaching its end and the work load has increased a ton. I’ll let you know of any major updates.