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Again, it has been awhile since the last update, so I’ve decided to fill you guys in on what’s going on behind the scenes for SSF2.

Details on v0.9:

Many have been asking what type of content to expect in v0.9. This time around we will be focusing a lot more on additions to single player modes, character additions, VS Mode AI (CPUs), stages, and other content-based features. This of course comes with the standard bug-fixes and balancing as in every update. We want v0.9 to be packed full of content to keep the game fun until the final release of the game. v0.9 will definitely take awhile to complete since it’s going to be such a huge one, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing else going on around here in the meantime. So with that news, I would like to post two related announcements-

The first major announcement is the new Revamped Roster:

Many of you have been asking what’s been going on with the roster for the game ever since Renji was added as an assist trophy and Vegeta being in the background of Planet Namek. I would like to take this opportunity to confirm that changes have indeed been made to the roster. The roster has been completely re-thought in order to come up with the best combination of official characters.

I’m not announcing details as to the exact changes being made, however I am officially confirming today that fan characters Blade, Blue, Azrael, and Spikeman have been cut from the roster and will NOT be returning. The other Devs and I have come to the agreement that these characters are no longer up to the game’s standards in quality and relevancy, and many of the original creators of said fan characters left long ago. Of course this does not completely discount these characters from ever appearing as expansions – we would simply rather see more worthy characters in their place for the official game. Just note that the “Nintendo-only” clause still holds, and that only characters that have appeared in at least 1 Nintendo console game will be added as official characters.

The second announcement is that we are looking for new Devs!:

The Devs and I want everyone to be aware that we are searching for new Dev members. With the lengthy to-do list for v0.9 it would really help expedite the process of the game if we could get other talented individuals to offer their assistance 🙂

We have created this Dev application here that you can fill out if you are interested in applying:

Sample Positions Include:
-Character Spriting
-Stage Spriting
-Flash Effects
-Voice Acting

We are also looking for people to help out in secondary areas such as Public Relations, Video Editing/Promotional Videos, and Sound Effects.

Keep in mind however that we won’t just accept anyone out of the blue. Be prepared to prove to us that you have the skills and dedication necessary to contribute to the game. We could certainly use the help but we only want people who are truly serious about the project.


Thanks for reading, and expect other interesting news soon as well!

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