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If you haven’t caught wind yet, we snuck a special addition to our v1.1 update – Pichu joins the fray! Check out the video below to learn about the cute and cuddly, and now viable, electric mouse!

Now if you could just figure out how to unlock him…

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You know, it’s been a fun couple of years working on SSF2. Development has ended up getting pretty boring lately to be honest, and that’s why we’re mixing things up.

We’ve decided to rebrand SSF2 into Flash Minus. We’ve had so many Brawl Minus developers on our team, it seemed like a natural progression.

This is the first of a series of videos to show off what the new update of Flash Minus will bring. Happy Easter!

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Some fans that play on external sites have noticed that a time bomb we’ve setup within the game has gone off, displaying a message on top of the game telling players to play on McLeodGaming only. This mechanism is in place so that sites don’t profit off of Super Smash Flash 2, and so that players are always playing the newest, untampered, version of the game.

SSF2 is designed to be free, and sites that rip our protection mechanisms out of it to host it behind forced video ads (you know the ones – where you have to wait for the video to end before the game will load) and other scumbaggy/shady revenue streams put the future of the game at risk and cause slews of other problems.

These sites have managed to steal 66% of the traffic that plays SSF2 in the browser with mostly old versions of the game that do not have functional online mode and/or current balance changes/bug fixes, have ripped the legal disclaimer and the credits out, and these sites make money in the process. With the original SSF2 Beta update, we tried to be nice with a logo on startup saying to only play on McLeodGaming.com but it was just removed when uploaded to these sites. We’ve also found a few instances where the game had code added to it that was malicious that ran in the background. Not cool.

Bottom line, these sites cannot continue to have such high traffic. It’s unsafe for us and unsafe for you. Thus, we have programmed a message to superimpose on all sites hosting the current version.

Unfortunately, this being said, with yesterday’s hotfix, a pretty large issue has come up for those who play SSF2 at school, as many schools have our site blocked
. We hear you!

As a fix, in the coming days (very near future – we’re talkin’ like within 72 hours) the downloads page will be updated with a portable version of SSF2 Beta and instructions to load it to a flash drive. This will give you guys a solution to meet halfway, allowing you to play SSF2 straight from these flash drives on school computers. We hope that those who haven’t visited here before will stick around, lots of updates are on the way!

May 30th, 2017 by . Posted In Site News, SSF2 Dev Blogs

Players can now access MGN and play Online Mode. Have fun, and make sure to swing by our forums for help if you need any!

May 29th, 2017 by . Posted In Site News, SSF2 Dev Blogs

S S F — err… SSF2 Beta Release 1 (1.0) is now available to download/play!
Note: MGN (Online Mode) is currently undergoing a massive update for SSF2 Beta compatibility, it may take several hours to be back up. Stay tuned to our social media to know the second it’s back up!

Here’s a taste of some of the changes in store…

  • AN AUTOUPDATER! This means no more mashing F5 to get the newest update. When it’s available, it will automatically download on game launch and prompt you to install.
  • TEN new characters including one unlockable – the most added in one update..EVER!
  • The ENTIRE cast has been rebalanced!
  • Over ten new stages…of which many are unlockable.
  • Classic Mode, Sandbag Soccer, Home Run Contest, Multi-Man Smash, two new Special Smash options, and a new Break the Targets stage!
  • More single-player events than ANY official Smash Bros. title!
  • Massively improved Online Mode gameplay (no more restarting the entire game!) with the ability to accept/deny join requests, choose your input delay, word filters, and more!
  • Near 140 music tracks, most of which are new, remastered, or original compositions!
  • Over 15 new items, and all items upscaled and completely redone from scratch to be more fun to play with!
  • Tons of new Pokemon and Assist Trophies
  • Customizable quality settings, allowing you to disable anything from stage backgrounds to your characters’ special effects
  • Brand new special effects across the cast
  • Many characters’ sprites redone or recolored to fit in better
  • Tons of stages upscaled and/or redone to fit in better
  • Redone costumes for nearly every character in the game
  • Increased landing lag on recovery moves
  • Balancing teching, rolling, getup attack, etc. frame data
  • Costumes no longer affect special effects unless explicitly enabled
  • NATIVE USB GAMEPAD SUPPORT! (Downloadable version only)

MASSIVE UPDATE, right? I’m excited!

Rather than keep you waiting until these things are fixed, please note that some minor features will remain disabled temporarily including:

  • Final Smashes
  • Gamepad support in the Browser version
  • Online Arena Mode (Sandbag Soccer)
  • Peril Roulette in Classic Mode
  • Character-Specific Break the Targets
  • ‘Trades’ between opposing attacks
  • Accessorized costumes
  • Misc. stage hazards (Green Hill Zone, etc.)

We promise to send out auto-updates to enable these features as soon as we get the issues ironed out.

For now, happy Smashing!! As always, if you run into any issues, you can report them to us in our Bug Thread on the forums.

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