Introducing Ms. Carrot's Stage Builder Rage Builder Contest, where YOU get to be the game designer! Design an awesome stage to compete and win one of three categories, each with awesome prizes!

With the launch of this contest we have also released a FREE WEB DEMO of the game! And if that isn't cool enough for you, for the duration of this contest a fully unlocked version of the Stage Builder has been made available in both the commercial game and web demo! Go wild!

Each winner receives all of the following:
  • - $100 Amazon eGift Card
  • - Steam Key for YJFUME
  • - YJF 2012 + YJFUME ALBUMS
  • - A high resolution 24x36 or 27x40 poster of a real mango (or digital file equivalent for non-US residents)

!!! Winners have been announced !!!

Contest Rules:
  • - Three categories to win!
    • * Artistic / YEAH LEAGUE (How cool of a picture did you make)
    • * Athletic / JAM LEAGUE (How twitchy is it)
    • * Puzzle / FURY LEAGUE (How stumpy is it)
  • - Three winners will be selected, one for each category listed above
  • - Entries will be accepted by emailing your stage file to the following email: [email protected] with the Subject Line: "Contest Entry" (without quotes)
  • - Stage files can be exported via the stage builder in the commercial game, OR via the free web demo
  • - We will be accepting submission from now until March 16th, 2018 at 11:59pm EST
  • - Only one submission per person. If you submit multiple we will only accept the first submission.
  • - You may only win one of the three categories, which is subject to judges' discretion
  • - You may not apply for a specific category to win (so build with purpose!)
  • - Entry will be denied if email is not addressed specifically to [email protected]
  • - Entry will be denied if email Subject Line is not "Contest Entry" (no quotes)
  • - Judging period will take place March 17th, 2018 through March 30th, 2018
  • - Winners of the contest will be announced on April 2nd, 2018
  • - No purchase necessary to enter
  • - Need a Parent or Guardian if you are under 18 to accept the prizes