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McLeodGaming :: Games

Welcome to the games section! Choose a game you want to play below.

The latest version of Adobe Flashplayer is required to play most of these games.
Please visit Adobe's website to download the latest version.

Super Smash Flash 2 Demo v0.9b Super Smash Flash 2 Demo v0.9b
Version 0.9b has been updated to revision 1965, which includes improvements to online mode and tons of bug fixes. A brief summary is listed below:

Online Updates:
-High latency mode for online play is now fixed
-Loading screen freeze issue fixed
-Online Mode maximum input delay 4 frames -> 3 frames
-Online Mode now sends extra copies of your controls so that if packets are lost the game can recover more quickly. (Meaning less lag!)
-Added "remember me" checkbox to online login (saves username)
-Quitting waiting room now disconnects you from the servers
-Fixed random character usage for online mode (same character for match as waiting room)
-Game now exits after desyncs that freeze the game for too long after a match ends on one machine
-Fixed bug that caused online mode to become permanently slower after the first match

Other Updates
-Exploding Tag item removed
-Moves that can be interrupted in the air with aerials (Mega Man's Beat Call, for example) work properly with the C-Stick now.
-Grab key tossing for non-swingable items now drops item downward while in mid-air, and throws item forward on ground
-Final Smash attacks no longer cancelable in Turbo mode
-Fixed bug with hovering when pressing up/jump while falling with Peach/Goku
-You can now grab your teammate when team damage is on
-...and much more!

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Downloadable Version:

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0.8b: Windows | Mac
0.8a: Windows | Mac
0.7: Windows | Mac
0.6: Windows | Mac
0.5b: Windows | Mac
0.5a: Windows | Mac
0.4b: Windows | Mac
0.4a: Windows | Mac
0.3c: Windows | Mac
0.3b: Windows | Mac
0.3a: Windows | Mac
0.2b: Windows
0.2a: Windows
0.1b: Windows
0.1a: Windows

Watch Videos:

How To Play #1: (WMV | AVI)
How To Play #2: (WMV | AVI)
How To Play #3: (WMV | AVI)

Original Demo Video: (WMV | AVI)
Yeah Jam Fury Yeah Jam Fury
This one's a collaboration I did with friends before graduating college.

In this game, in order to complete each level you must transform between three characters - Yeah, Jam, and Fury. Each of them has their own unique abilities, so you must use every technique at your disposal to reach the delicious mango at the end of each level! So enough with the talk, go play and see for yourself!

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Super Smash Flash Super Smash Flash
This is my first real flash game, Super Smash Flash! It is very similar to the real Super Smash Bros. Melee for Nintendo Gamecube, choose your characters and options and battle it out with 28 different characters! (Game saves automatically, feel free to quit after you unlock something, you won't lose it!)
Flash Player 8 or above is required of course.


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Download the EXE Version and you can play on your Desktop!

Super Smash Flash EXE (Windows | Mac)

Wanna see the original demo version from 2006? Click below!
The Cell The Cell
An interactive game I made for my Bio class where you can see all of the major organelles of a living cell.

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Download This Game: Windows
Adivina La Pelicula Adivina La Pelicula
A game I made for my Spanish class called Adivina La Pelicula (Guess the Movie) where you choose a card and read the quote from a movie (which is in Spanish) and try to guess the name of the movie. You can split up into a team of two and each time one person guesses the correct movie you can add a point to the scoreboard. Use the X's to cover up each box that a team guessed correctly. Gold boxes can be worth 5 points instead of 1. There are instructions in Spanish within this game as well for more optional rules of game play.

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Download This Game: Windows
Multiplayer Pong Multiplayer Pong
A simple multi-player pong game where the player on the left uses SHIFT and CTRL to move up and down, and the player on the right uses the UP and DOWN arrows. There is no set winning score so you'll have to decide on that yourself.

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Impossible Pong Impossible Pong
This is a nearly impossible pong game. I've never beaten the computer, but I believe it's possible! If you happen to win then send me a screenshot. You use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to move. Keep in mind that you need 10 points to win, so the first one is possible, but it gets much, much harder after that!

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