Greg McLeod – Head of MG / Lead Game Developer
Sir – Website
Jimmy “TSON” Hadden – Spent many afternoons helping Jake with feedback and testing. He also ported content from the older site
Ikuyo – Helped with porting the older content
Zero Insanity – Created some media and assets as needed
refurin – Testing & made me a nice vector MG icon for the menubar
arkzky & proto – Homepage footage

Special Thanks:

The following people helped out with the writing and editing of SSF2 sub-page content, or what was once known as the “SSF2 Dojo”

Max “Void” Silverman, Ramsey “Dr.Geno” Kaid, Charles “Kiddragon” Carignan, Jimmy “[TSON]” Hadden, Ikuyo, Chris “Elvis Ditto” Hubac, Densetsu, ~Awesome~, TheRealHeroOfWinds, champetero (Andres), Sorabotics (Kowalski), utubeuser807, Terra

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