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Apr 22nd, 2021 by . Posted In Fraymakers, Site News

Hey all! Over this past weekend, Team Fray members Max and Ramsey chatted it up with Bowler to answer 15 of your questions about Fraymakers. Check out the interview in the video below!


Mega thanks to Bowler for having us on! ❤️

Aug 12th, 2021 by . Posted In Site News, SSF2 Dev Blogs

The Super Smash Flash 2 team has just released update v1.3.1!

This update reaches a huge milestone with every character now having a functional final smash and home stage. There are also a bunch of other neat changes, such as a full Sandbag resprite and the introduction of the Final Smash Meter. Head over to the SSF2 website now to check it out!


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