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Welcome to the music section! Here you can listen to various music I’ve composed over the years.

~Cleod 9


I occasionally write music for job ads just to see if they happen to go anywhere, and as usual nothing was done with this piece so I decided to release it. The idea here was to take a simple and repetitive uplifting melody, focusing on the intense build up while ending on a calm, yet happy note.

Gym Leader: Sparking Fist Will

This piece is based on a fictional Pokemon Gym Leader called “Sparking Fist Will” I made for one of my friends for a Pokemon tournament event awhile back. I also used some soundfonts directly from the Pokemon Black & White games to make it sound more official. As the title suggest, you should find this one quite electrifying!


This is one of three pieces I wrote for my Senior Thesis in college. Each piece is meant to represent a genre for film or television. This one represents “fantasy”, and is inspired by Akira Senju’s work in Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.


A slow orchestral piece that could perhaps be used in a scene during the aftermath of a huge battle. Begins somewhat somber, but ends on a positive note.

Bits for Breakfast

Think of this as sequel to Bits for Dinner, but this time with the energy of breakfast – the most important meal of the day!

Ignota Origine (Tardus)

I accidentally halved the speed of Ignota Origine and I thought it sounded cool, so I decided to upload this version of the piece too!

Ignota Origine

Here’s a cinematic piece that’s a bit reminiscent of Animus but with an Eastern taste. There’s also a little bit of Golden Sun influence in there.

Tale of the Unnamed

This is a piece I did for a contest on Newgrounds based on time signatures. Unfortunately I didn’t even place top 10, but I’ve uploaded it here anyway for your enjoyment. The time signatures I decided to use are 3/4 -> [4/4 – 3/4 combo] -> 4/4 -> 13/8.


Third and final piece from my techno music course. This I’d consider a symphonic-trance style since it uses realistic instruments.

Enter the Fray

Second of three pieces I made for my techno music course. This one has a euro-trance style to it.

Incompatible Type

First of three pieces I made for my techno music course. This one leans towards the industrial genre.

Virulent Force

More good video game fight music. If you liked Aura you’ll definitely like this one.

Battle of the Pirates

This piece was not originally created by me, but instead by alecrgmills, the winner of the MG Orchestration from back in February 2010. I stated that the winner of the contest would get their piece remastered by me, so here it is!

The Second Movement

This is No. 2 of my “Movement” series. Don’t be fooled by the calm intro, it gets quite intense at around 0:39 so be prepared to adjust your speakers!

Bits for Dinner

Here’s another piece that’s a bit different from my previous work. This time I used solely NES sounds. To me it seems like it’d be good for the title screen of an 8-bit game.

Dandy and Swell

This is a solo piano piece which, unlike most of my previous work, has a bit of jazz to it. I figured I’d try something different this time.

Pokemon Battle Remix

This is a short, orchestral remix of various Pokemon battle themes I’ve combined with some of my own style.

The First Movement

This is the first of what I would like to call my “Movement” series. I’ll be making more similar to this one (fairly calm intro with wide build-up). So what I consider my most epic of pieces will be put into this series.

Distant Ambiance

Here’s a short piece I made based on one of my older works. Works well as a loop for sad scenes.

The Perfect Battle

This is a piece I made for the 2009 Orchestration Contest on Newgrounds. We were given a simple theme and had to expand upon it, and here is my interpretation. Think of it as the title says, “The Perfect Battle” in which you must fight for what you believe in, and succeed!

Download sheet music:

Piano Image

Beneath the Lab

This piece is a bit different from my normal style, but I think you will like it nonetheless! The beat is pretty catchy if I must say so myself.

Fighting of the Spirit (Remix)

This is an instrumental remix of the summon battle song, “Fighting of the Spirit” from Tales of Symphonia for Nintendo Gamecube.

Cyber Track Act I (Cleod9 Remix)

This one’s a remix of Cyber Track Act I from Sonic Advance 3. The GBA doesn’t have the best set of speakers, so I figured I remake this song to sound more like console-quality.


This one is Rob Dougan inspired. I really liked the DVD menu music in The Matrix: Reloaded so I decided to make a similar version with my own style. Just so you know it can loop back to 0:14 (in case you decide to use it in your own project)

Mind Gear

I suppose this is a techno attempt, it’s a good song to loop for a game. Perhaps I’ll make a sequel if I get good feedback.

Beginning Anew

This piece would be good for use in an anime or video game introduction. I decided to go with an orchestral feel, and I threw some guitar in there to help bring out the intensity.

Fear Ave

This is an older piece that I recently went back to and finished. It builds up into a beat that might be nice for a light fight scene.

The Original Blade

This is a song that I made a few years ago for the creator of Blade who you’ve seen in the original SSF. It starts out calm, gets pretty intense, then comes the suspense…

Depredation v2

This is an improved version of the original Depredation. The instruments and effects are much better quality in this one.

Dusk Interlude

This is a rock oriented piece that I made, I figured it’s about time I try a different genre. It still has that battle-theme feel to it, especially around the solo. So if you happen to use it in any of your own projects let me know, I’d like to see it!


This was a song I made for my final project in one of my college music courses. It’s yet another video game styled piece just waiting to be used in something. Feel free to use it in your own projects, just give me credit of course!

Animus Theme (Extended)

This is an extended instrumental version of the Animus Theme. It is a bit slower than original but still captures some of the drama.

Animus Theme: Revisited

It’s the Animus Theme, revamped!

Pure Eternity

This is a major extension and development of a song I made years ago. It has a very dramatic tone to it.

End of All This

Perfect for those endings that don’t turn out too happy.

Animus Theme

This is the theme to my anime series, Animus.

Cleod Groove

This is just a simple catchy song. You could probably use it for menu music.

Cleod Storm

I wanted to make something similar to when a storm comes in Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker. I combined my own style with the actual song from the game.

Crystal Caverns

This is a song I made to sound like caverns in a video game.

Final Hope

This is a good song to loop in after something bad happens in one of your movies or games.


This song could be used for a variety of things. It has a good amount of development including a time signature switch from 4/4 to 3/4.

The Last Bloodshed

It’s a pretty old song I made, however it should be decent for a battle scene in a sprite movie or game.