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Hey all! So this week we’re getting a closer look at our speedy friend, Jam:

More previews to come!

In the meantime, why not add us to your Steam Wishlist? 🙂


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So in case you’ve missed it we’ve recently started showcasing gameplay overviews, tips, and tricks across our various social media platforms.

The first question you might ask – what exactly is Yeah Jam Fury?

And this week we’re featuring tips for the first of our lovable trio named Yeah!

Be sure to follow @YeahJamFury and @McLeodGaming on Twitter to keep up to speed, and expect many more updates to come in the following weeks leading up to release in December!

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Surprise! Yeah, Jam, and Fury are back in an all new game coming to Steam this December for Windows, Mac, and Linux!

McLeodGaming has once again teamed up behind the scenes with World Entertainment Studios (formerly WillyWorld Entertainment), to bring you a whole new slew of wacky challenges featuring everyone’s most beloved trio <3

This time around you’ll have over 100 levels of puzzle-platforming fun, new game mechanics, crisp HD graphics, gamepad support, leaderboards, a custom stage builder (with sharing!), dozens of achievements, and more!

Expect more news about the game to be revealed as the weeks progress towards our launch date. We hope you’ll follow along! ;D

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We’ve released one more small patch v1.0.3.2 to address some of the remaining issues that slipped passed us in our recent updates. See major changes below:

  • Character attacks can clank projectiles, but projectiles cannot clank character attacks
  • Picking up items during aerials and dash attacks no longer prevents attack animation
  • Fixed items not despawning properly.
  • Updated event images to include Yoshi’s new portrait
  • Sandbag Basketball goal hitboxes are now even
  • Sandbag now starts in the middle of the stage in Sandbag Basketball
  • All items now have an arrow above them a an indicator that they can be interacted with, sans for food
  • Other misc. balancing tweaks

Browser players can play the latest update now on our SSF2 page.

Desktop clients will auto-update upon opening the game, or you may download the game directly from our downloads page.

Visit our Changelog to get more details on the latest changes.

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We’ve just released update 1.0.3 for SSF2 Beta!

Version fixes a good number of lingering issues since the last update, including some of the changes we’ve debuted at Super Smash Con.

Please note that this is a minor update and does not contain any new character content or final smashes (next significant update will be labeled 1.1.0), however we did sneak in Sandbag Basketball and Crystal Smash Mode for you guys 😉

Browser players can play the latest update now on our SSF2 page.

Desktop players will receive an auto-update notification upon opening the game, or they may download the game directly from our downloads page.

Content Updates:

  • New Yoshi sprites
  • Added Sandbag Basketball to Arena mode*
  • Added Crystal Smash to Stadium mode
  • New Results Screen

*Functional in v1.0.3.1

Engine Updates:

  • Fixed jump startup inconsistency between attack jump cancels and normal jumps
  • “Improvements” to SSF1 mode to make it feel even more like SSF1
  • Special mode settings now carry over into sudden death
  • Improved behavior for acceleration, deceleration, and max speed caps
  • Fixed bug where getting grabbed out of attacks would reset all of your charged attacks
  • Tweaked character select hand for more precise movement
  • Fixed metal knockback behavior
  • Side smash input window extended by 1 frame
  • Optimized hitlag behavior across the board
  • Fixed scaling of reflections when super mushroomed
  • Fixed projectile clanking behavior

Visit our Changelog to get more details on all changes implemented.

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