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This just in – we’re revealing the name of our new platform fighter! Get ready to duke it out in Fraymakers, coming to Kickstarter next month!

What kind of game is Fraymakers, you ask? All we’ll say for now is that it runs in our own brand new custom engine at a glorious 60 frames per second. We’re not quite ready to spoil the rest just yet, but make sure to stick with us for more info soon, including the official Kickstarter launch date!

Want to make sure you don’t miss any Fraymakers info? Head over to its mailing list site to subscribe to news updates:


Talk to you soon!

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SSF2 Beta update v1.2.4 just went live! Hop on over to our games page to play/download:


Here’s a quick rundown of some of the big features and changes:

  • Added Crystal Smash Stage 2
  • Added bonuses to Classic + All-Star with polished UI
  • New/Updated costumes: Captain Falcon, Krystal
  • Goku Final Smash revamped with new cutscene animation
  • Stock icons now displayed in damage counter
  • Fixed issues with exiting waiting room in online mode
  • Fixed out-prioritization issues in clank behavior
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes, balancing, and more

Also, be aware that subscribers to the MG Insiders newsletter have already been playing v1.2.4 since yesterday. Wanna join in next time? Click the link below to find out more:

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We’re so excited to announce that we’ve been secretly working on a brand new platform fighting game! ?

Our team of current and former Super Smash Flash 2 Developers and additional super-talented gamedevs will be ready to talk more about their project soon, which we’ve tentatively codenamed McLeodGaming Next. Super Smash Flash 2 will continue development as normal with its current team and Online Mode will continue to operate through McLeodGaming’s MGN service. This project will pave the way to a post-2020 future for McLeodGaming, and we’re going to need help from each and every one of you to stay alive.

McLeodGaming Next will have a formal announcement in the coming months when it launches for crowdfunding on Kickstarter this winter. For now, you can sign up for updates on McLeodGaming Next at the link below:

Click here to sign up for the McLeodGaming Next mailing list!

It would mean a lot to us if you signed up. We can’t wait to share more info with you soon!

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Server maintenance on McLeodGaming Network has been completed and things are slowly coming back online. Most of you should already able to access SSF2’s online mode, however we recommend giving things up to 24 hours to before access is fully restored. Feel free to reach out via MGN’s contact page if you encounter any issues.

Aug 28th, 2020 by . Posted In Site News, SSF2 Dev Blogs

As a part of our ongoing Rotation Release Cycle commitment, the next scheduled update for SSF2 in will arrive on Friday, September 25th, 2020. The SSF2 Team is excited to share all of the new goodies they’ve been working on!

If you want to get in on the action early, it’s still not too late to sign up for the MG Insiders newsletter! The early-download access promotion for SSF2 is still going, so if you want to get the release before everyone else then make sure to sign up today!


Lastly, MGN’s online multiplayer services for SSF2 have scheduled maintenance planned for Monday, August 31st, 2020. Services should not be offline for more than a few hours, however some users may experience the inability to log in for longer. We will announce when the services have been restored, but please allow for a maximum of 24 hours for services to stabilize.

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