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Here at MG we usually steer clear of political issues, but this one is big and could affect us all.  On July 12, 2017, websites, Internet users, and online communities will come together to sound the alarm about the FCC’s attack on net neutrality. Learn how you can join the protest and spread the word at https://www.battleforthenet.com/july12/.

Net Neutrality - Join the Fight!

What is net neutrality you ask? Think about your connection to the internet as a public highway. A highway has maximum speed limit, and the speed you can drive can vary based on various weather conditions, traffic, etc. Despite all this, a highway is a public service and is almost entirely paid for by your tax dollars. Net neutrality is what let’s the highway do its thing – let people drive to and from where they need to go without haggling them along the way. If the FCC gets its way, big companies like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T could gain the power to lower your speed limits, block access to certain places and charge other companies extra money (*cough*like MG*cough*) just to reach an audience.

The truth is, right now the new FCC Chairman and former Verizon lawyer Ajit Pai has a plan to accomplish just that: destroying net neutrality and giving big cable companies immense control over what we see and do online. If we lose net neutrality, we could soon face an Internet where some of your favorite websites are forced into a slow lane online, while deep-pocketed companies who can afford expensive new “prioritization” fees have special fast lane access to Internet users – tilting the playing field in their favor.

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But on July 12th, McLeodGaming will be  joining the rest of the Internet to stop them. Websites, Internet users, and online communities will stand tall, and sound the alarm about the FCC’s attack on net neutrality.

The Battle for the Net campaign will provide tools for everyone to make it super easy for your friends, family, followers to take action. From the SOPA blackout to the Internet Slowdown, the Internet community has shown time and time again that when we all join forces, we can stop censorship and corruption. Now, we have to do it again!


Learn more and join the action here: https://www.battleforthenet.com/july12


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Another SSF2 Beta update is out!

Version 1.0.2 fixes a number of lingering bugs and offers even better online mode stability. You should be able to play as many Online matches as you want without having to close your game between them. Browser players can play now on the SSF2 page. Desktop players can either use the built-in auto-updater, or download the game directly from the downloads page.

Major Changes

  • Linux Version now available!!!
  • More online mode stability improvements
  • Locked rooms are now hidden in online mode
  • Fixed double-jump cancelling
  • Fixed event match unlock messaging
  • Fixed reflection scaling
  • Other various bug fixes and balancing tweaks

Visit our Changelog to get more details on all changes implemented.

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Greetings everyone! This week’s blog will be presented by yours truly- the creator and lead programmer behind SSF2, Cleod9!


This time around I’d like to give you all a recap of our previous blogs, as well as some fun facts and details about the development process so far.


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We hope everyone had a smooth transition into the new year! 2016 will be a big year for MG, since we know you’re all eagerly awaiting SSF2 Beta. Likewise, we’re just as eager to get it out to the masses! To prove that we’re still alive and kicking, here’s a rough outline for our plans in 2016:

SSF2 Beta Is Coming!

We’re officially confirming that this is the year SSF2 Beta is coming! So you can rest-assured that you won’t have to go another long year without an SSF2 release. And this isn’t just any release – it will be the most comprehensive build of the game since its inception! We’ll soon be rolling out plenty of preview material to get you hyped for the coming of Beta.

10th Anniversary of the Original Super Smash Flash

On August 21st this year, it will have been an entire decade since the release of the original Super Smash Flash on Newgrounds!


Nostalgic right? We’ll have to do something special to commemorate such an occasion, so remember the date!

Dev Blogs are Returning!

Do you remember the Dev Blogs? Well, they’re coming back!

For those of you who don’t remember (or missed it entirely), the Dev Blogs were a series of blog posts and videos showcasing a behind-the-scenes look at the development of SSF2. You’ll get to learn all kinds of tidbits of information about the game that you can’t get anywhere else, so definitely be on the lookout for their return!

SSF2 Is Returning to Super Smash Con!

For its second year, SSF2 will be hosting a booth at Super Smash Con 2016! It’ll be taking place August 11-14th in Chantilly, Virginia. I’m sure many of you have questions about the details of “what” we’ll showcase this year, but details will come in time. So please be patient for a bit longer and be sure to mark those calendars!

See here for more: http://supersmashcon.com/

Not Returning to Apex 2016

It was a tough decision, but after 3 straight years of attendance SSF2 will not be hosting a booth at the Apex Smash tourney this year. Each member of the SSF2 dev team has their own separate lives outside of SSF2 to attend to, so we decided against making a commitment towards a second big event. But we do hope that some of you can make it out to Super Smash Con instead if you have the means to do so!

…And More?

Yes, there’s more! But we can’t announce everything just yet, so be sure to follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Google+, and bookmark the MG home page!

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MGN services have been restored sooner than expected, enjoy!

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