Due to the Flash Player reaching end-of-life, it is no longer possible to load this content directly on this page the traditional way in most browsers. However, thanks to a project called Ruffle significant strides are being made to emulate Flash. Currently only ActionScript 2.0 content is fully supported and functionality isn't perfect yet for ActionScript 3.0. But you can toggle between Ruffle and Flash Player modes below (currently works best in Google Chrome):

Load Munchies: How to Buy A Car in Ruffle | Load Munchies: How to Buy A Car Using Flash

If you'd like to support the development of Ruffle, check out its Open Collective page.

This is the first animation I made of my Munchies comic strip I used to make in 6th grade. It was flash I made for my Driver’s Ed Class on buying a car. This one is REALLY long (Over 6 minutes) so grab a bowl of popcorn while you wait for it to load. This flash has been edited to make the file size smaller so you may see a quick change of scene at a few parts.

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