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SSF2 Beta version 1.0.1 is now live! Browser players can head right on over to the SSF2 page to play. For desktop players, once you boot your game it will prompt you to update. This is a mandatory update that is required to play online mode.

Major Changes

  • Improved online mode stability
  • Improved performance on slower computers with Disabled stage effects setting
  • Restored stock match sudden deaths
  • Fixed crashes from incompatible Bluetooth devices
  • Fixed Role Reversal event
  • Cleared records for Role Reversal and final events
  • Tap jump / dash input settings now saved when gamepads are used (and settings are saved to tags when possible)
  • Desk stage is now available without unlocking
  • Other various bug fixes and balancing tweaks

Visit our Changelog to get more details on all changes implemented.

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Happy New Year! Here at McleodGaming we’re excited for what’s to come this year. We do believe 2017 is going to be a great year for our community, and those who follow Super Smash Flash 2.

Speaking of which, we would like to show you a little something to get hyped about. Enjoy!

May 27th, 2016 by . Posted In Site News, SSF2 Dev Blogs

Welcome to your weekly dose of Dev Blog! I’m 194, one of the old school developers of Super Smash Flash 2. Among other things, I’m at charge of managing Audio and Music and you might have read my name in the previous Music Blog. Either way, that’s not what we’re here for tonight.

As we always say, “everything is subject to change”. “Everything” includes characters, designs and movesets. Today we’re going to explore two characters who have received deep gameplay changes from v0.9b to Beta. Some of them might as well be introduced as newcomers.

But let’s go one by one and visit a character who has been in the eye of our fanbase for quite a long time already.


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