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Watch retired top Smash competitor and Guinness World Record holder ZeRo try Waluigi for the first time in his new video!

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Watch 15 minutes worth of intense friendlies where top Smash Bros competitor ZeRo challenges PK_Fire, who you might remember from Super Smash Con’s stream!

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You know, it’s been a fun couple of years working on SSF2. Development has ended up getting pretty boring lately to be honest, and that’s why we’re mixing things up.

We’ve decided to rebrand SSF2 into Flash Minus. We’ve had so many Brawl Minus developers on our team, it seemed like a natural progression.

This is the first of a series of videos to show off what the new update of Flash Minus will bring. Happy Easter!

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The future of the control over what we can see and do online is at stake! Join MG in fight to preserve net neutrality:


Battle For The Net Video Bumper from FFTF on Vimeo.

For more info, see:


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