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November has officially arrived, and that means we’re getting close to the Kickstarter for our upcoming game, Fraymakers!

While we can’t drop the specific campaign launch date just yet, we can tell you to expect the countdown to begin mid-November. We can’t wait to share what we’ve been brewing behind the scenes over the past couple of years, so make sure to like, follow, and subscribe so you don’t miss a thing! You can also sign up for our newsletter dedicated specifically to Fraymakers updates over at

As for SSF2 news, the next patch is scheduled for Tuesday, November 24th. We’re going to do things a bit differently for this release where it will be primarily focused on balance and bug-fixes, however to make up for the lack of content we’ve decided to do a bonus patch in December! Think of it as a small treat in the spirit of the holidays 🙂

Also as a quick reminder, our Insiders promotion to get access to SSF2 builds early is still ongoing! If you want to get download access early before the next patch is released, be sure to sign up!

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Click the link below to learn more about early download access to the next SSF2 patch!
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This just in – we’re revealing the name of our new platform fighter! Get ready to duke it out in Fraymakers, coming to Kickstarter next month!

What kind of game is Fraymakers, you ask? All we’ll say for now is that it runs in our own brand new custom engine at a glorious 60 frames per second. We’re not quite ready to spoil the rest just yet, but make sure to stick with us for more info soon, including the official Kickstarter launch date!

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Talk to you soon!

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